We have a straightforward justification. Many people have confused in regards to what precisely the Alexa ranking range represents. Typically the Alexa rating number signifies the popularity of the website in contrast to every other web site in the world, rather than the number of site visitors. Therefore , web sites with the cheapest number are believed the most popular. Who might be ranked best on Alexa? Google, naturally. You can yahoo that if you cannot believe us.

This is how we position the popularity associated with gambling systems at Gamblescope. com

  • Very low traffic: 1-2000 visitors per month

  • Low traffic: 2000-50.000 visitors per month

  • Below average: 5000-100.000 visitors per month

  • Above Average: 10000 -200.000 visitors per month

  • High traffic: 200.000-1m visitors per month

  • Very high traffic: 1m-1.2m visitors per month

  • Extremely high: 1m-1.2m visitors per month

  • Superior Traffic : 2m-10m visitors per month

Last Updated: Mar 18, 2022 Magnus Martin