Whenever you think of actively playing a online poker game, or some kind of casino sport for that matter, ideas of doing together with a celebrity are usually totally unthinkable. Besides, the number of times has got the world observed first class celebs gracing exactly the same casinos that many ordinary people frequent? Because of this alone, it had been quite relaxing, and not to say surprising, whenever Jennifer Lopez aka J-Lo released the girl new music movie called “Dinero” in which she actually is seen as actively playing a game associated with poker.

The Perfect Poker Theme Setting

Whenever you think of this, “Dinero, ” i. electronic. the name of the songs video, when calculated resonates well along with poker since it is the Philippine term for cash. Most bettors know that online poker is a sport frequently performed by higher rollers, viewed as gamers who have a bigger bankroll in comparison to others around the casino ground. As such, identifying the video, “Dinero” totally assists with bringing out the particular theme of it.

Coming from start to finish, the particular strip online poker video centers on Jennifer Lopez. The girl with seen sitting at a online poker table having a pair of greeting cards in the girl hand. Simply in front of the girl are a couple of high-value snacks and piles of ‘dinero’. As you want with any kind of high tool, a beverage is by the girl side since she attempts to outsmart the girl opponents. Exact same table usually are three man opponents. From your look associated with things such as the particular facial expression, it’s very clear that Jennifer Lopez is usually winning this particular game.

Beyond just the action to the poker stand, the video in addition shows people some want cars, naturally , what kind of increased rollers wouldn’t ride in the fancy auto. The video in addition depicts piles of cash currently being grilled (talk of high rollers), some marshmallows being flamed and the in a6105 high painting tool opulent estate. On the whole, J-Lo's poker online video is all about imitating the life an excellent source of rollers in the land-based modern casino.

On top of that, the lyrics within the song speak about how J-Lo is looking for funds, all the pre-occupation is looking for ‘green’. The superstar is wearing expensive garments along with numerous exquisite necklaces, while in a scene; the woman with seen putting a diamond-encrusted Yankees limitation.
It was totally shot inside black and white, although that doesn’t take everything away from their brilliance. Actually the grayscale tone can be useful for bringing out beauty of her enjoying poker in the classical impression.

More about the Dinero Video

It is the third video clip that has been unveiled by Jennifer Lopez this coming year as part of the woman upcoming book which is stated to be a totally Spanish book. Joseph Khan who has led videos with Lady Gaga and even Taylor Swift in past times is responsible for typically the direction with "Dinero" of which also capabilities Cardi T and DISC JOCKEY Khaled. Recording, Jennifer Lopez sang typically the ‘Dinero’ tune at the Billboard Music Accolades.

Last Updated: May 16, 2021 Shihaam Isaacs